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Neighborly, Comfortable and Soulful: The Bar adds a Great Lakes vibe to Arcadia.

When conceptualizing the Midwest-themed pub, The Bar, he had three words in mind: neighborhood, comfortable and soulful.

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So Scottsdale and Uptown Magazine GIN AND (MORE THAN) JUICE

While vodka often gets the clear elixir credit, gin is quickly gaining as the most versatile spirit on the market. And with its botanical base, the distilled liquor is among mixologists’ favorite springtime ingredient. You might know gin as the supporting act to juice or tonic, but it’s the star in these 12 cocktails. So Scottsdale Page 122 - Uptown Magazine Page 78

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Phoenix New Times Food & Drink

What does the perfect neighborhood bar look like?

If your version involves Motown music playing on full, joyous blast; friendly bartenders slinging drinks from a well-rounded beer and wine menu; a Big Lebowski art print hanging behind the bar; and food options that remind you of your favorite late-night food truck, The Bar was made for you.

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The Bar abides to be a friendly neighborhood establishment that provides the utmost is patron satisfaction with top-notch beverage offerings and Neatly’s, owners of The Stand, serves the upscale food provisions. Located in a comfortable, independent, non-corporate setting within the Arcadia/Biltmore area, our soulful and genuine atmosphere brings to mind a Midwestern feel particularly reminiscent of the state of Michigan.

Come check out something new, something non-corporate. For you and your neighbors.

Oh, and by the way, The Bar has a subtle theme by recognizing the pop culture status of The Big Lebowski movie released in 1998. From the image of Jeff Bridges’ character above the bar to other less noticeable movie highlights, The Bar doesn’t take itself too seriously yet will always take the patron’s pleasure into all considerations.


The Bar

Monday 4PM-12AM
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 4PM-12AM
Thursday 4PM-12AM
Friday 4PM-12AM
Saturday 12PM-12AM
Sunday 11AM-10PM

Short Leash Hotdogs

Monday 5PM-9PM
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 5PM-9PM
Thursday 5PM-9PM
Friday 5PM-10PM
Saturday 12PM-10PM
Sunday 12PM-9PM